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Captain Kevin Scott, USCG Captain, is a sailing enthusiast, with a life-time of experience exploring and sailing the waters of the Chesapeake Bay region. Kevin has 45+ years experience sailing the inland waterways of the East Coast and off-shore sailing to Bermuda and the Caribbean.

The most recent trip out to Bermuda occurred in April 2023. The voyage was a three generation family adventure that included his 82 year of father and 25 year old son, along with a fellow Havre de Grace Captain who checked sailing to Bermuda off of his bucket list! After departing from Beaufort, NC the crew sailed the 1500+ mile round trip in three weeks overall, including five days enjoying the beauty and hospitality of Bermuda and its people.

Captain Kevin has great understanding of all components on a sailboat such as rigging and sails, as well as propulsion, electrical and navigational systems. His lifetime of sailing has taught him the critical skill of reading and interpreting weather and its impact on sea state and the vessel. This knowledge becomes evident as you watch him sail, single-handed, with ease.

Sur le Vent (On the Wind) is a Starratt 45 build in 1977 by Starratt & Jenks in St. Petersburg Florida. The company prided themselves as craftsman in the American boat builder tradition.

Excerpts from the Starratt & Jenks sales brochure:

“We at Starratt & Jenks are able to offer an incredibly strong, fast sailing yacht of proven design because of a unique philosophy. We are dedicated to concentrating our energies towards one and only one boat.”

“The Starratt 45 is a close winded yacht that sails like a dream off the wind as well. With our own advances in the state of the art of fiberglass construction, we are able to offer a boat stronger than any similar production yacht on the market today. We have evolved a true fast passage cruising machine.”

“We attribute our success to the simple fact that there are no employees at Starratt & Jenks Yacht Company. All members of the Starratt and Jenks team are stockholders and owners of the company.
In an industry and an age where money is usually the goal, we are proud that our number one priority is craftsmanship and personal pride. We are Proud Americans Building Beautiful Yachts.

Specifications – Starratt 45
Length Overall 45’ 8”
Length Waterline 31’ 5”
Beam 11’
Draft – Full Keel 6’ 1”
Designed Displacement 25,000 lbs.
Ballast/Cast Lead 12,000 lbs.
Ballast/Displacement Ratio/Approx. 50%
Sail Area – Sloop (100% fore triangle) 895 sq.ft.
Mast height above water 55’ 3”
Headroom, main cabin 6’ 6”